What you see is. Simply.

A basic, solid, linear work bench. A concept based on precision and concreteness: to provide the greatest freedom of choice – in the colours, modules and accessories – as well as complete reliability.

Customizable and modular

Lab is designed to last, to grow with you and to adapt perfectly to your work, like an ideal extension of your mind. And your arms.

Height-adjustable lamps, a foldaway monitor, smooth, silent roller-runner drawers: every instrument is there, just where you expect it, so that you can find everything without having to look for it, with the utmost comfort.


Dustinet is the Dental Art designed suction system. It is revolutionary because it has unprecedented construction and functional features and ensures a level of working comfort never before experienced. The perfect complement for all Dental Art work benches, it is adaptable, with simple accessories, to all models currently on the market.