Luna e l'altro

together is better

Health Luna e l'altro
Luna e l'Altro


Made to be together but also perfect on their own.Practical and functional but also fun and playful.

An hygiene unit! Who would have thought?!


Luna is the dispenser for disposable, l'Altro an infrared soap dispenser. Designed for young and dynamic practises where safety and practicality blend with colour and design. 

Health Luna e l'altro
7 colours

Luna e l'Altro are available in 7 new colours with the new MAT finishing.

Health Luna e l'altro
Health Luna e l'altro

Discover the best colours for your practice and choose then among 49 possible combinations 

What can Luna e l'Altro contain?

LUNA: wipes, cups, gloves, masks. L'ALTRO: soap

Health Luna e l'altro

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